In the end, we realize how simple life is when we accept this moment, just as it is, without pretending to be other than who we are. This is grace in action and the culmination of iRest.

Richard Miller, PhD & CEO, Integrative Restoration Institute

Studio is temporarily closed due to COVID-19 requirements.

Please check back for online offering in the New Year.  Stay safe, keep calm and be kind.  Remember, we are all in this together.

1:1 with Pam

1:1 with Pam

What does a 1:1 session have to offer you? Pam Roberts, IRI Certified iRest Meditation Teacher®, has been teaching yoga and meditation for over a decade and has acquired over 1000 hours of formal training. Her extensive training, teaching experience

iRest® Yoga Nidra

iRest® Yoga Nidra

Life can be hard. iRest can help. iRest is a simple and accessible form of meditation designed for modern day living. Backed by extensive research, iRest can help people navigate all of life’s challenges and enhance one’s sense of well

What Students Say

I have taken classes from Pam for several years. She is a gifted teacher. She combines her knowledge of various yoga practices, Reiki, and her teaching background in a way that enlivens the body and awakens the soul.

Rev. Laura Sundberg

At Maha Yoga studio, Pam shares her knowledge of yoga by providing a wide range of yoga practices with an innate sense of her student's needs. Whether you are an experienced yogi or have never tried yoga before, this is an excellent studio to explore the world of yoga. The smaller class sizes provide opportunity for community and comfort. As a long-time client of Maha Yoga studio, I highly recommend anyone of any age or ability to contact Pam for more information.

Shelley Foster