In the end, we realize how simple life is when we accept this moment, just as it is, without pretending to be other than who we are. This is grace in action and the culmination of iRest.

Richard Miller, PhD & CEO, Integrative Restoration Institute

iRest® Yoga Nidra

Life can be hard. iRest can help. iRest® Yoga Nidra is an evidence-based transformative practice of deep relaxation and meditative inquiry that releases negative emotions and thought patterns, calms the nervous system, and develops an inner state of well-being and

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Spring Session 2019

Join us this Spring and rediscover your natural state of ease and grace. We offer yoga and meditation for children, youth and adults. We begin Mar 18 and hope you can join us.

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Yoga Intensive: Deep Restful Sleep

Do you struggle with falling asleep or waking in the middle of the night an unable to return to sleep? Are you kept awake by anxious thoughts or worries? This practice of yoga and meditation can help. Thursday, March 28, 2019

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1:1 with Pam Roberts, IRI Certified iRest Teacher®

1:1 with Pam

What does a 1:1 session have to offer you? Pam has been teaching for over a decade and has acquired over 1000 hours of formal training. Her extensive training, teaching experience and personal life experience has supported her in developing an

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What Students Say

I have taken classes from Pam for several years. She is a gifted teacher. She combines her knowledge of various yoga practices, Reiki, and her teaching background in a way that enlivens the body and awakens the soul.

Rev. Laura Sundberg

Pam is the kindest person I know. She fosters an environment where students are supportive of one another. Pam is intuitive and able to read the energy of her classes; she encourages her students to accept everything as it happens, that suffering exists when we don’t accept what is. My life is profoundly different than it was six years ago. I thank Pam and the other teachers and students of Maha Yoga for the roles that they have played in my journey.

Mel McIntyre