Life after Cancer - A message from Pam

One thing that life guarantees is the inevitability of change along with the opportunity to navigate it with as much ease and grace as one can muster. Through meditation, learning to pause, acknowledge what is and to welcome and accept fully current circumstances, allows for right action and a sense of empowerment. Not always an easy task, but a kinder and gentler way to be with what is.

You may be wondering what's happening with Maha Yoga. It has been quite the ride these last two years, as it has been for most, if not all of us. In addition to navigating the trauma and uncertainty of a pandemic, in January 2021, I was diagnosed with advanced stage Nodal Marginal Zone Lymphoma, a rare form of blood cancer. After 6 months of chemotherapy and immunotherapy, the cancer is in remission, yay!! The next two years involve continued immunotherapy treatments to suppress the B cells and aid in keeping the cancer in remission This will be followed by 6 – 9 months of reconstituting my immune system. At that time my body will be able to illicit a response to the COVID vaccine and I will be protected from severe outcomes if infected. So, for now life is asking me to keep myself safe from infection and to dive deep into the healing process.

While it saddens me to be away from teaching and interacting with the wonderful students that have been part of the Maha Yoga Community for so many years, now is the time for deep physical and psychological healing. I feel incredibly fortunate to have survived this bout with cancer and to have the skill set as a yoga practitioner to do the continued work of healing. I spend time each day soothing the nervous system with meditation, breathwork and therapeutic yoga.

Moving forward, I had hoped to offer classes over ZOOM this year, as well as some outdoor classes in late spring and summer. However upon honest reflection I see that I am still deep in the healing process and what's required now is patience. 2022 is a year for recovery, building back stamina, strength and suppleness in body and mind. I am participating in an extensive one year pranayama course with Dr. Richard Miller of the iRest Institute. In addition to reaping the benefits of healthy respiration, I look forward to incorporating these breathing practices into my future offerings at Maha. If all goes according to plan, I'll start back teaching online and outdoors in 2023 with a return to in-person classes in 2024. I've learned that in life, plans are subject to change and ultimately what is required is a great deal of letting go and flexibility in responding to what is.

I am incredibly grateful for my children who have taken such good care of me this past year, as well the circle of friends and students who have shown me so many acts of kindness, patience and support. I am so grateful for a skilled and compassionate team of health care professionals both at the Allen Blair Cancer Clinic as well as a range of other medical professionals who are involved in my care right now.

I wish you all well and from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your support and patience during these times, I look forward to the day we can gather again in practice.


What Students Say

I have taken classes from Pam for several years. She is a gifted teacher. She combines her knowledge of various yoga practices, Reiki, and her teaching background in a way that enlivens the body and awakens the soul.

Rev. Laura Sundberg

At Maha Yoga studio, Pam shares her knowledge of yoga by providing a wide range of yoga practices with an innate sense of her student's needs. Whether you are an experienced yogi or have never tried yoga before, this is an excellent studio to explore the world of yoga. The smaller class sizes provide opportunity for community and comfort. As a long-time client of Maha Yoga studio, I highly recommend anyone of any age or ability to contact Pam for more information.

Shelley Foster