What students say…

“This class, especially the meditation, has been life changing for Josh. We have a different teenager than we had in January. He has been very successful in working through his anxiety and has developed tremendous coping abilities.  Meditation has given him an amazing sense of self awareness and ability to process / positively control his thoughts. Thank you for working with him.” – Rod D.


“What brought me to Maha Yoga were the words “Yoga for every body”. As a plus size woman I didn’t think I could do yoga. Pam helped me through this mind set and also many physical and mental health challenges I have experienced over the last number of years. I appreciate all the things I have learned from Pam.” – Trina H.


“I have taken classes from Pam for several years. She is a gifted teacher.  She combines her knowledge of various yoga practices, Reiki, and her teaching background in a way that enlivens the body and awakens the soul.” – Rev. Laura Sundberg


“I have found yoga to be helpful in managing chronic pain as a result of rheumatoid arthritis.  Pam is very understanding and patient as I move slowly into the various poses.  She is quick to suggest alternative poses to accommodate my physical limitations if necessary.  Pam has a wealth of knowledge about anatomy and the interconnectedness of the human body.  Yoga at Maha is for sure one of the highlights of my week!” – Heather Lowe


“Real Yoga.  Not your commercial yoga.  Physical – spiritual – holistic.  And lots of fun and laughter.”  Carmen Leibel


“My life changed terrifically when I found Maha Yoga six years ago.  Finally, I learned tools that helped me to be comfortable with anxiety and to help me to heal from OCD.  I’ve not only learned the proper form (and sometimes, modifications that my body needs) to the asanas, but I’ve also learned about mindfulness, meditation, chakra balancing, and how to take myself out of my comfort zone—I never thought I’d be able to hang upside down and now it’s one of my favourite things to do!  After living many years feeling like an outsider, I’ve finally found a place where I feel like I belong.

Pam is the kindest person I know.  She fosters an environment where students are supportive of one another. I don’t feel self-conscious when I’m not able to go as deeply into a pose that another student can because Pam reminds us that each day is a new day.  What your body could do yesterday may not be the same thing it can do today, or today might be the day that your body accomplishes what it couldn’t last week.  Pam encourages her students to look within ourselves during each class, as well as in our day-to-day activities—to listen to our bodies, to observe our thoughts, to ask ourselves, “Who would I be without this thought?” and to be gentle, patient and kind with ourselves.  When Pam sees that I’m being lazy in a class and not going as deeply into poses as my body would allow that day, she will call me on it, which I appreciate—but her approach is one of loving kindness and never to embarrass me.

I haven’t missed enrolling for a session at Maha Yoga from the day I walked into the studio.  However, I am continually amazed at how different each class is and I never leave a class without learning something new, even when it comes to poses that I’ve done thousands of times.  Pam is intuitive and she is able to read the energy of her classes; she encourages her students to accept everything as it happens, that suffering exists when we don’t accept what is.  She embodies this herself through her willingness to modify her lesson plan if she recognizes that her students would benefit from doing certain kinds of poses, rather than the ones she had planned for.

My life is profoundly different than it was six years ago.  I thank Pam and the other teachers and students of Maha Yoga for the roles that they have played in my journey. ”  – Mel M.