1:1 iRest session with Pam

Dyad Co-meditations are a form of iRest where we meet one-on-one, and welcome everything, just as it is.

iRest recognizes that the issues are in the tissues and deep healing happens when we become intimate with the body, learning to deeply listen to it, and experiencing body as the great integrator.   In this practice we let go of the story, and experience whatever comes up as a sensation in the body.  The body is a wonderful lie detector and always trying to tell us when something is right or not right. In a 1:1 session, iRest is offered as a co-meditation or Dyad where we sit together and meet everything just as it is, welcoming with curiosity whatever comes up as a messenger.  During this process of meditative self-inquiry, the student is supported to remain present in their experience while also opening to their natural state of ease and well being.  This is a trauma sensitive practice. By opening to just simply Being and welcoming oneself fully from a stance of compassion and non-judgement, deep transformative healing occurs naturally.


60 min – $85

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After a significant loss, I was suffering with debilitating grief. Yoga has always been a source of healing for me, so I consulted with Pam for some advice. We decided to do three private iRest sessions. During the sessions, I became aware of the powerful emotions my body had been storing and replaying. This awareness gave me a sense of acceptance and peace, as once the emotions were acknowledged, I felt released from their grip. The sessions, with Pam as my guide, were profound in my path toward healing. When potential difficulties arise in the future, I am confident that I have learned how to work with my emotions instead of ignoring them. ”- Val Y.